Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larsson

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The last sitting

Why did fate want Stieg Larsson's and my paths to cross just before he died? After all the years since it still amazes me.

Stieg Larsson's Millennium series is a single deal with violence against women. As well as my art work. The same struggle, but different forms and strategies. He’s achieved incredible success, but cost him his life.

Our paths crossed during a routine job of the simpler variety. With short notice, I got the assignment to photograph a person the first five minutes during an interview. An unknown author was to be interviewed and the interesting thing was that he debuted with three books at once.

Stieg Larsson was to be photographed without any obvious references to space and place because of a threat to his job against neo-Nazism caused. The threat meant that the address could not be given earlier than 10-15 minutes before the shooting would take place. A stranger met at the place and showed me the way through various rooms and corridors. An elevator took us up to a desolate attic space in a building in central Stockholm. There the reporter met in an abandoned room with bare walls, a table, two chairs and a lamp.

On one of the chairs sat a subdued and exhausted man with a gaze that constantly found its way into the desktop. Before I must quickly proceed to the next mission, some last pictures were taken of Stieg Larsson standing against one of the white wind walls. It was last picture taken of Stieg Larsson.

A short time later I received news that he suddenly passed away. My first thought went to the neo-Nazis, but it was heart.

May Stieg Larsson rest in peace. The same is desired for the violence against women.